Customer Loyalty Programs and Customer Centricity

Multichannel customer management is the biggest challenge for companies. The customer will choose the channel that perceives as simplest and most effective.

Customer Loyalty Programs and Customer Centricity

The evolution towards a digital and connected market has enabled companies to understand their customers better than ever before. According to Google data, users browse more than 18 different content before making a purchase. In this context, multichannel customer management is the biggest challenge for companies. The client will choose the channel that perceives as simplest and most effective.

At Ibexestudio we offer our customers two new tools to achieve success in the loyalty of both, new customers and existing customers:

New module of Online Chat in the booking website 

The new Online Chat embedded in your Ibexrentacar booking website is a channel of user service that combines simplicity and efficiency: the virtual assistants allow the new clients to receive a service of immediate, precise and personalized attention.

Ibexloyaltycard customer cards

Stimulate the repurchase by offering added value to your customers, in addition to offers, promotions and permanent discounts, the customer cards of Ibexloyaltycard, will increase the perceived value of the purchase in order to differentiate you as a brand.

Efficiently manage your points and promotions programs with Ibexloyaltycard, through a customer number and our booking widget: your customers can easily and quickly access all your promotions and accumulate points identifying themselves on your website.

In addition, Ibexloyaltycard cards include a QR Code to facilitate the sale and the exchange of the accumulated points in the pickup and dropoff offices, different points of tourist interest of the destination, or directly in the hotel where they are staying.

MailChimp extension in Ibexrentacar

You can launch direct marketing campaigns to your customers by synchronizing the extension of MailChimp to Ibexrentacar. With Mailchimp and Ibexrentacar you can, in addition to managing your databases, easily segment them according to different client's typology, usual booking typology or according to promotions that you want highlight at each moment of the tourist season. Follow their evolution and obtain a detailed analysis of the profitability of each of your campaigns, obtaining at all times specific information about the results, such as the percentage of opening in emails sent, conversions to your website, etc.

Study cases

Some companies have hit the spotlight by focusing their programs on adding value instead of just reducing the price:

Avis in the US, through Avis Preferred Service, knows that their customers hate to waste time, so once they register their data, they are never asked to do so again. When one of their customers arrives, they do not wait for queues or fill contracts, in fact, they find its vehicle prepared with the keys placed in the best spot of the parking.

Emerald Club Aisle (National Car Rental) has gone even further as it gives its customers the possibility to rent a Porsche, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and other brands that their customers could not afford to have.

Kawasaki organizes "track days" for club members to improve their driving skills; It also has private areas for members in the numerous motorcycle events in which it is present.